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Book presentation "70 years of the ILO Committee of Freedom of Association: a reliable compass in any weather"
ERU Seminars | 19 April at 12:30 | 0.24/0.25 PTC and Online

Speakers (online): Karen Curtis, Chief, ILO Freedom of Association Branch, International Labour Standards Department, and Oksana Wolfson Senior Legal Officer, International Labour Standards Department, ILO.

For the past seventy years, the ILO Committee on Freedom of Association (CFA) has been dedicated to promoting and upholding respect for freedom of association worldwide, serving as a benchmark for all ILO Member States in their pursuit of social justice.
This commemorative volume features a collection of articles that showcase the various ways the CFA has significantly impacted the promotion and protection of this fundamental right. The contributions reflect careful consideration of country-specific situations and the guidance provided by the CFA. Many of the articles highlight the CFA's pioneering role in linking freedom of association with civil liberties, a recurring theme throughout the volume. The CFA's regional significance, its impact on specific cases, and its response to persistent challenges, including issues surrounding organizing the informal economy and the gender dimension of freedom of association and how the CFA can be utilized to ensure that this fundamental right is accessible to all individuals are among the discussed topics.

The book is available online here:

Apr 19, 2023 12:30 PM in London

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